When you feel worried or anxious, you tend to want to get rid of those feelings. However, doing so makes your anxiety or fears grow. When we welcome those feelings, they tend to go away due to the acceptance of it. By embracing and working through our worries and anxious thoughts, it helps us positively process those emotions. Start living a more positive life by overcoming worries and anxious thoughts and learning to respond to negative thoughts in a healthy way.
Challenging Cognitive Distortions
Cognitive Distortions
Daily Dose of Happiness Chemicals
Challenge Anxious Thoughts
Anthony Khow
Anthony is a mental health blogger and advocate. His drive stems from overcoming his mental health struggles. He is the creator of Banana Tree Log, a platform that brings awareness and provides mental health resources for those who struggle to seek professional help. This includes learning about anxiety and depression, how to be mindful, increasing your happiness and improving your overall mental wellbeing.
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