Fear is the anticipation of a negative outcome. It holds you back from achieving mastery of yourself and from making the changes you desire. You can only be afraid because of what you think COULD happen, meaning that you have the power to control your fears and live in spite of them, by grounding yourself in the present moment. These journal prompts will empower you to explore what being fearless means to you, and what actions you can start taking to build up the courage to overcome your fears. Part One will explore your relationship with fear.
What Would be Different For You If You Were Not Afraid?
Jenn Masse
Jenn Masse, owner of Conshy Coaching, is an ICF Certified Mindset and Energy Leadership Coach who is passionate about empowering women master transition, cultivate resilience and become leaders of their own lives. Jenn’s work is grounded in helping women rediscover their core values and talents, create boundaries, and redefine success so that they can fearlessly beat the burnout and show up fully as their authentic self. Through the power of her podcast, blog, group coaching and focused coaching sessions, Jenn empowers women to identify internal blocks and triggers which are holding them back from success. She then works with her clients to create action plans, ultimately empowering them become the leader of their own life and unleash their inner power.
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