Intentional Living is a lifestyle that taps into your greatest potential for growth and success through lifestyle development, an expansion of mindset, and an inspiration to chase big dreams. We will follow seven prompts to assist you in identifying where you may maintain a lack mindset or discord between the conscious and subconscious mind. Here, you will determine what actions (or lack of actions) you may be taking to keep yourself within your comfort zone and out of reach of success.
How to Press the Reset Button on Your Life
The Law of Attraction & Taking Inspired Action
Habit Tracker
Lauren L'Heureux
Lauren is a New York City/Florida-based entrepreneur and owner of La.Rue. La.Rue is an intentional living and lifestyle brand, host to a lifestyle development blog, the Do the Damn Thing Podcast, and a Lifestyle Coaching Suite. Lauren lost her brother at the age of 18. After years of healing, growth, and action, she has taken that moment in her life and let her grief inspire her to change the vision of young minds everywhere to achieve their BIG DREAMS. At La.Rue, you'll discover content that drives a singular passion for answering the question, "Can I do it?" with the mantra, "I can do it!"
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