Finding Energetic Alignment I
Leverage your positive energy
Imagine for a moment you’re leaving work after a hard day. You’re frustrated, you’re depleted, you’re exhausted and could roll into bed immediately. You hop in the car and by a stroke of luck, your favorite song is on the radio so you turn it up. Suddenly, you feel energy surging through your veins and the exhaustion is replace by exhilaration. How does this happen? Our energy is the currency we exchange every day without formality. Energy is everything and everything is energy. In Part One, we review your energetic experience with prompts grounded in the chakra system and its corresponding energy points.
What is Energy Leadership?
Change Your Perspective, Change Your World
Jenn Masse
Jenn Masse, owner of Conshy Coaching, is an ICF Certified Mindset and Energy Leadership Coach who is passionate about empowering women master transition, cultivate resilience and become leaders of their own lives. Jenn’s work is grounded in helping women rediscover their core values and talents, create boundaries, and redefine success so that they can fearlessly beat the burnout and show up fully as their authentic self. Through the power of her podcast, blog, group coaching and focused coaching sessions, Jenn empowers women to identify internal blocks and triggers which are holding them back from success. She then works with her clients to create action plans, ultimately empowering them become the leader of their own life and unleash their inner power.
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