The foundation of any relationship, with yourself and others, is love. It is important to engage in self-reflection in order to identify your values, desires, and needs when it comes to relationships. By taking this time to journal and reflect on your own understandings of love and what you want out of a relationship, you will set yourself up for future success. In this coaching series, you will explore what love means to you and how you can experience the fullest love in either a current or future relationship.
Why you need to love yourself first
5 Ways To Know If Your Person Is The “One”
Future Bride, I'm With You
Where Is Your Worth?
Meredith Trank is a fitness professional and blogger who is here to help you discover and celebrate your most authentic self. Currently in Divinity School, she has a passion for helping others grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Meredith loves listening to music, cuddling her puggle, eating ice cream, and all things Texas.
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