This program helps you to explore your emotions so that you can connect deeply with your true self, and nurture your emotional health. By learning how to reflect on your different emotional states, and let your inner self guide you, you can finally manage your emotions with skill and live your most authentic self.
Honor Your Feelings
How to Navigate Through the Emotional Storms
5 Inspiring TED Talks that will boost your Emotional Intelligence
Vendula is a Basel-based Emotional Intelligence Specialist. She is passionate about helping her clients to find their authentic self by understanding how their emotions impact their everyday life, strengthening their self-awareness and equipping them with simple, yet effective emotional self-care routines. She provides her clients with practical solutions and tools, so they can reach emotional well-being, become more resilient, build self-esteem, and restore a balance in their lives. On her days off, you will usually find her walking in nature, reading inspirational books, or doing creative journaling.
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