Interpersonal relationships can be hard to maneuver; it’s not all peaches and cream or the fairy tale we watched growing up. It’s real and it’s hard; it’s learning to communicate and manage conflict with your partner in a way that is healthy and will fuel growth. By embracing this, you will be able to handle whatever hurdle or difficult situation that is thrown at you and grow with your spouse. You can have that happy ending you truly deserve!
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Rochelle Wright
Rochelle is an Etsy shop owner, content creator and personal development blogger from Jamaica that helps women all around the world become their 'best selves'. She dives into sensitive yet very important topics like mental health, body positivity, learning to love yourself and how to maneuver interpersonal relationships. She does this all while pursuing her BScN. and hopes to create a community of like-minded women who support each other.
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