Self-care is the key to embracing, loving and pampering yourself. It is the best way to remind yourself that you matter, and that you are powerful no matter what you face in life. If you are unsure of how to practice self care or are looking for a self care routine, this program will help you integrate it into your daily life through a weekly routine with each day focused on a different aspect. This program contains self-care activities that are quick and simple, ensuring that you not only feel empowered and loved from the inside, but also refreshed!
Why Self-care is Important
My Night Time Self-care Routine
How to Create a Weekly Self-care Routine
Dorothy is a 20 years old college student, the creator of Pale Pink Getaway and also a huge self-help enthusiast. Through her blog, she aims to inspire and help young women improve themselves, to motivate them to pursue their dreams fearlessly while simultaneously mastering self-care.
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