Setting boundaries with people you love the most can be hard. But it can also be easy when you take some time to reflect and learn what kind of boundaries truly need to be set and how you should set them. This program will guide you in reflecting on your current boundary building habits, while helping you identify new boundaries you can create and ways you can set them with those you love most without feeling anxious or guilty.
The Truth About Setting Boundaries
Cassie Butcher
Cassie B is a Self-Care Coach & Wellness Consultant located in Southern California. Much of her works surrounds teaching people how to practice self-care unapologetically and love themselves better so they can live more peaceful lifestyles. Cassie is very passionate about helping people discover their voice and advocate for their mental and emotional health without fear of society's opinion. One of her many goals is to help those who cross her path become more comfortable and confidence in their everyday lives. Cassie does this work through her very own wellness retreats, self-care coaching, wellness workshops, and more.
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