In an increasingly fast-paced, socially & economically driven world, we are becoming more detached from those meaningful connections that are so essential to our happiness. That's where simple living comes in. Simple living offers a way for you to strip away all of that physical and emotional clutter that is a burden on your time, energy and emotions. It's time you gain new freedom to spend time doing what you love with who you love.
13 Simple Tips to Living Life with Less Stress
13 Extraordinary Benefits of Simplifying your Life
How to use Simple Living to Create a Meaningful Life
Stephanie Parrell
Stephanie is a Newfoundland based blogger and writer. Her creative drive comes from her love of simple living and self care, a passion she is compelled to share and inspire her like-minded readers on her blog “Scale it Simple”. She spends her spare time in nature, reading, traveling and with her English Setter pup.
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