The first step in facilitating change is learning how to speak to yourself with compassion. Cultivating the habit of speaking to yourself like you matter allows you to move forward in your life despite obstacles and set backs. It allows you to interrupt the critical voice that tells you "you're not good enough" and replaces it with REALISTIC thoughts like "I'm still learning, and still worthy." This program helps you start speaking to yourself like you matter which begins to release guilt, shame and doubt.
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Arlene Ambrose
Arlene Ambrose is a Vincentian-Canadian, self-care coach, author and wellness consultant for heart-centered, mission driven women. She recognizes that because of the service-based attributes these women have, it can lead to habits of doing too much to the detriment of their health. She helps them create better boundaries around their health, get crystal clear on what they need to nourish their body, and improve their health and mental wellbeing. She has a background in nursing, and aims to inspire hope, health, and healing through her work.
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