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Support Your Team's Journey Towards Workplace Wellness

Mental wellness in the workplace is now more important than ever. After all, your employees are more than just cogs in the machine! When you value them as individuals and support their mental wellbeing, you help them thrive at work and become more dedicated and productive individuals!

With Journey, you can give your team the tools needed to become healthier and happier people. Improve focus, increase productivity and take care of their mental wellbeing with the many benefits that journaling can bring.

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Improve Employee Focus & Productivity

Journey can be your team's digital work diary — a place for your employees to reflect on their professional development, brainstorm new ideas and set workplace milestones. Gain access to useful planning tools to help your team stay organized, focused and engaged at work. Create daily to-do lists, set email reminders and use calendar to help your team manage their tasks and their time.

Encourage Self-improvement

Access over 100 different Journey Coach programs with topics ranging from self-confidence, self-love and personal development. Enrol your team into these quick and easy daily prompt programs that can guide them onto becoming stronger, more confident and more resilient individuals.

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Alleviate Stress & Anxiety

A relaxed and stress-free employee is a happy and productive one. By giving them a personal space to venting their frustrations, worries and thoughts, they can alleviate their workplace stress and anxiety, and improve their mental wellness.

A Private And Secure Space

We all have thoughts that we're not comfortable sharing with our colleagues. Let Journey can be your employee's trusty companion whom they can share their innermost feelings and thoughts with. Set a passcode, Touch ID, Face ID and Android Biometric to keep your journal entries safe, secure and away from prying eyes.

A Precious Gift of Appreciation

It's important to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. Journey is the perfect gift that replaces a physical notebook while granting them the tools that come with one and more. Journey will send your employees a gift card that they can open and redeem a membership with!

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Start Your Workplace Wellness Journey

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With Journey membership, your team will get:

  • Unlock all journal coaching sessions
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  • Write and attach photo from email
  • Connect to Zapier Automation
  • Complimentary access to Premium content on Android, iOS, Mac, PC and Linux app