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Journey® is a journal and diary app that is available on multiple platforms; iOS, Mac OS, Web, Chrome OS, and Android. Join millions of Journey users, from all walks of life, to embark on your unique life journey towards a deeper gratitude for life, better health, and a calmer mind through journaling.

Capture Beautiful Memories

Journey elegantly captures life's beautiful moments. It lets you upload photos, videos, and audio, creating a rich, multimedia chronicle of your unique experiences and treasured memories.

Create Stunning Journal Entries

Explore a variety of journaling tools in Journey's editor. Change the paragraph style, stylize your text with bold, italics and strikethrough, organize your writing with bullets, tables, and checklists, and play around with text color.

Your Life At A Glance


A wealth of memory can be stored within a single image. Look back on your fondest memories and experiences. Upload pictures, videos, gifs, and music into your journal entries with ease.

Throwback to Your Happiest Moments

Look back at your best memories and your journal entries from a week, a month, or even a year or two ago.

Tend To Your Emotions With Mood-Tracking

Take note of your feelings while journaling, and keep track of how your mood fluctuates across your journal entries. View how your mood shifts across 30 days in your stories.

Shared Journal

Collaborate and create cherished memories with your loved ones, family members, or even friends on an unforgettable journey together.

Available on Android, iOS, Mac & web. Coming to Windows soon.

Shared Web Links

Generate web links for selected entries in Journey Cloud Sync to share your journal with others.

I'm sharing my Tokyo trip with you through the Journey app!

Journey | My Tokyo Trip in 2024

Thanks for sharing your Tokyo trip with me! 🥳



My Tokyo Trip in 2024
Shared by John AppleSeed

Passcode-protect Shared Links

You can also add a passcode to share your journal entries with only selected individuals.

Photo Search & Organization

Smart Photo Organization not only uses advanced algorithms to analyze and categorize your photos into meaningful moments and themes but also suggests related photos when you perform a search.

Available on Android, iOS, Mac & web. Coming to Windows soon.

End-to-End Encryption

Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind with end-to-end encryption. Safeguard your personal moments & memories and ensure your privacy remains intact throughout its Journey to the cloud.

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Available on Android, iOS, Mac & web. Coming to Windows soon.

Private & Secure Space

Set up a passcode, Touch ID, Face ID and Android Biometric to keep your journal entries private and secure.

Power Up Your Journal With Plugins

Power up your journaling routine with an extensive range of plugins. Explore functions such as exporting to DOCX & PDF, adding images & media, and using Apple Health on Journey.

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Coach Programs

Explore Journey’s guided journaling coach programs to facilitate your reflection. Choose from a wide variety of self-care topics, ranging from topics such as body positivity and self-love.

Coach Templates

Pick from Journey’s wide array of journaling templates to guide your thoughts. Get started with templates on self-improvement, healthy living, and planning and organization.

Chat With Your Journal Using Odyssey AI

When you pose a question to Odyssey AI GPT—be it about a feeling you’ve frequently mentioned, a recurring dream, or the clarity you’re seeking on a particular subject—it sifts through your past journal entries to provide a response that reflects your own recorded experiences and journey.

Hello, I am Journey Odyssey AI, your AI journal assistant. Please ask me a question about your journal.

Can you share with me more about this person called Hazel?

Hazel appears to be a beloved person frequently mentioned in the journal entries. Here are some highlights: Hazel was excited to receive a ukulele from her aunt. She had her first field trip away from the city, which she loved.

You can view the mentioned entries below:

Available on web, Android, iOS & Mac. Coming to Windows soon.

Print Your Journals Into Beautiful eBooks

With just a few simple clicks, your cherished memories can be transformed into elegantly designed eBooks. Cloud Print offers a new way to celebrate and immortalize your experiences, ensuring that your stories can be treasured by you and future generations.

Export Your Journal to ePUB & Docx

Export your journals to ePUB and DOCX formats, turning them into beautiful eBooks. Supported by applications like Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, and Microsoft Word, these formats make it easy to read and share your journal entries with anyone.

Self-Host Your Journal

Journey Cloud Sync, a secure, user-centric journal cloud sync solution, will be available as open-source for users who wish to self-host their data in second quarter of 2024.

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Legacy Backup

Preserve your cherished thoughts and memories for your loved ones to connect with, even after your lifetime.

Available on web (beta). Coming to Android, iOS, Mac & Windows soon.

Embark On Your Unique Journey

An all encompassing digital diary app that is fit to be a writing and journaling companion for people from all walks of life, or going through different life experiences.

Put gratitude into practice in your life by enrolling in a coach program that helps you stop and smell the roses. Count the blessings in your life with Journey's Gratitude Template.

People Love Journey

Over 100,000 5-star reviews
Jee Wang
Atlas is easily one of my favorite feature in @myjourneyapp, love how it beautifully display my 8 days Annapurna Base Camp trek journal on a map!
Juan Compres
@myjourneyapp I love your app. Got the Android app yesterday and became a premium user after some minutes of using it. Today I became a member. You can tell I'm serious about journaling and your app and services are making it easier. Thanks!
I’ve been using @myjourney.app for a while now to note down my daily musing. Love how simple it is to use. No fuss at all. Just a safe space for me to be totally honest and reflect.
This dude is vegan
If you want to write a diary to save your memories or to take notes for e.g. but don't like "classic bookwriting" use @myjourneyapp

The app is the best you can get. It is synced and backuped so you won't lose anything. I'm using it since Oktober 2018 now and it's amazing!
Last week’s goal was to exercise more, so I included a tracker for my daily steps. One think I learned: I take waaayy to few steps. That’s something to focus on in the near future..
In this photo you can also see me using the @myjourneyapp. In there you can take a note about what you’re doing everyday and include photo’s. This is so great for memory keeping! I include what I do in my bullet journal, but not how I experienced it, let alone pictures. This is great to look back at 😁
James M Thaxton, CSTFA
@myjourneyapp I have been using this app for years now. Premium features & one time purchase for premium Journey, that is generous. Thank you. I use this alot for progress notes from a chronic disease, CRPS. #RSD #CRPS #journeyapp #diary #writing #awesomeapps pic.twitter.com/mBw4KSpNmq
Jason Short
I'm really getting into the habit of using the Journey app (@myjourneyapp) for Android. Easy to use, does exactly what I want it to do, lovely interface. I even bought the Premium edition so you know I'm serious!

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