How to Write a Journal Guide

Starting a Journal

To start a journal, you’ll need a journal app and a commitment to yourself. Your must be willing to write. Even if you do not write well, you must push yourself to get started. Write what’s on your mind and let your words flow. Here is a list of guides that you can follow:

Pick a time and the days of the week that you want to write in a journal. Then, repeat and continue every week until it turns into a writing habit. You can also create a reminder in Journey so that you will not forget to write.

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Get a digital journal.

Journey is a digital journal that allows you to write from any device. It makes journaling very easy to use, organized, accessible and private. Your journal entries are saved to the cloud so that you do not need to worry about losing your writings. It is a great for writing anywhere and keeping your memories in one place.

Set up a routine and choose a setting to write.

Find a quiet time and space to write your journal entry where you can focus and concentrate. Make sure that there are as little distractions as possible. Write in any place that you find comfortable without any interruptions. It could be in a library, cafe, study room or even on your bed.

Reflect on your day and ask yourself questions.

Think about what you did today. Did you accomplish your goals? Have you done anything that you felt good about? How are you feeling today? If you still do not know what to write, the daily prompt in Journey can inspire you to write something.

Start writing.

As you begin to write in your journal, write down your thoughts that you have in your mind. Treat that you are talking to your journal as you friend. This is your personal space, so don’t feel self-conscious unless you are planning to show your journal entry to someone else.


Tips When Writing a Journal

1. Set reminders

As mentioned earlier in the article, settings a routine helps you to get started. Decide how many times you want to write. Be it once a day, or once a week, you need to stay committed to the planned schedule. You can use the reminder feature in Journey to remind you to journal.

2. Keep it private

A journal stores your personal thoughts that you expressed in a honest and truthful way. You can keep your journal in Journey safe and secure by enabling the passcode option. In the Android and iOS app, you can even unlock using fingerprint and Face ID.

3. Add pictures, audio and video

A picture is worth a thousand words. With Journey, you can import photos, audio and video right into your entries. Write a short description about what is happening in the picture or video.

4. Organize your entries

If you are a avid journaler, you probably are amounting up to hundreds of entries. One way to get your journal organized is to add tags to your entries for easier searching later on. The tag can be related to the topic that you are writing.


To Start Writing in a Journal With Journey

Screenshot of the modern and sleek Journey online journal. Write an entry and save entry to cloud.

Now that you’ve learned many tips of how to start and write in a journal, it’s time to get started with Journey. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Grab your phone, computer or tablet.
  2. Make sure you are connected to WiFi.
  3. Go to Journey.Cloud to sign into your Google account.
  4. Download the apps.
  5. Log in and begin writing!

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