Dream Journal

What is a Dream Journal?

A dream journal is a diary which records one’s dream experiences. A dream diary might include a record or personal reflection, the scenes that were seen and experienced in their dreams and waking up experience.

Benefits of keeping a dream journal

  1. It helps you remember your dreams and improve your memory in general.
  2. Understand more about your inner self, your subconscious.
  3. It helps you understand your emotions and thoughts, including how your dreams affect them.
  4. It can helps to induce lucid dreaming
  5. It can help you solve your problems creatively.

How to write a dream journal?

1. Sleep with an Intention to Remember

If you don’t usually remember your dreams, you need to tell your subconscious self to remember them. You can write it in your own words somewhere, such as on a piece of paper or your phone. When you wake up the next day, think about what happened in your dream and tell yourself not to let the dream drift away from your memory.

2. Calm down

Waking up from a dream could felt nauseous for some, and waking up from an intense dream might make your heart race when you just woke up. So calm down, take a deep breath before you start writing.

3. Recall and pen down the scenes that were in the dream

Before you forget what happens in the dream, record down in detail on the scenes that you have experienced in your dream. Some of which could be your thoughts on the event, your emotions and reaction to the occurrence, the activities that happened and/or anything that you find unique and interesting that you felt that you need to remember.

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