• What is a Journal?
What is a Journal?
Understand what a journal is, and it's functions

What is a Journal?

A journal is a record that stores every details of your life ranging from events, ideas, feelings, and your daily thoughts and memories. In this way, you will be able to remember what you did, what you were thinking and feeling, and what had happened when you were younger. We'll look into how a journal can be used in a many ways!

Types of Journal

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If you have just started journaling or wonder how to start and write a journal, you should first know that there are a few types of journal. The type of journal that you keep depends on your needs and interests.

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The types of journal include:

  • A daily journal to record memorable moments in your life.
  • A reflective journal to track your experience and a space to pour out your feelings.
  • A gratitude journal to write a list of things your are grateful for today.
  • A travel journal to log your excursion.
  • A dream journal to record your dreams on a regular basis, track their themes and patterns over time.
  • A bible journal to write your thoughts as you read the bible.
  • A daily Stoic journal for introspection, daily reflection, and thought analysis based on Stoic philosophy.
  • And many, many more...

Why Journal?

Travel journal and diary with memories of pictures.

A journal offers you a private place to write and reflect your thoughts. They are not written for others to read but rather yourself. You can write a genuine story of your life in a journal. If you feel unhappy, you can vent your anger through "brain-dump". For someone who is managing depression, a journal can be a good way to keep track of your mood. Memorable days such as birthday and holiday trip are also worth to write in a journal so that you can look back and relive those moments next time! As take your first step into journaling, you'll better understand the benefits of a journal and how it can help you in your life.

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By keeping a journal, it can give you incredible personal benefits and enhance your life in many ways. Journey online offers a secure and private place to keep your journal in any ways that you like. The online journals save your journal entries to the cloud which can be accessed any time and at any where. You'll never need to worry that your journal get lost or stolen again!