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A journal is a place where you can put your thoughts into texts. It is a private place where you can be honest with yourself and write freely. People use journals for many reasons be it a food journal or mood journal. Writing in a journal can also relieve stress. Journaling with Journey is free, secure, and offers a lot of benefits.

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Benefits of Journaling

There are many reasons to keep an online journal or diary. Here are some of them:

  • Writing in a journal is known to reduce stress level.
  • Set your goals and track them in a journal by recording your progress and journey. For example, a weight loss journal.
  • Record ideas on-the-go and revist them later.

Using Journey for Journaling

Journey is a secure place to create your diary. It is available online and offline in all platforms. Your journal is protected by password and you can write freely without having to worry about your privacy. Because Journey also works offline, you can journal from anywhere without internet connection. Your journals will be synchronized to the cloud once your device goes online. Gone are the days of using an online diary or even carry a notebook and pen around!


Types of Journals

There are many types of journals. You can choose one that fits your lifestyle. Journey is great for these types of journals, and more:


Gratitude Journal

Write down a list of good things in life. Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal gives you better sleep, reduce stress and makes your happier.

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Dream Journal

Record your dreams on a regular basis and keep track of the dream themes and patterns. Dreams can provide an insight into your most important thoughts and concerns in the real life.

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Self-reflective Journal

A self-reflective journal helps you to help you create your life with intention.

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Travel Journal

Document your adventures, road trips, places that you have visited, and discovery that you made along the way.

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5 Year Journal

A five year journal is a relative simple way to keep a journal. Write one line a day for the next five years.

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