Looking for a “Daylio” Alternative?

Journey combines mood tracker with thoughts & photos.

Mood tracking app is one of the most-used tools to track your mental health. With so many mood trackers out there, it’s hard to determine which one fits your needs. At first impression, Daylio made mood tracking simple for people to use. However, its lack in basic features made the app limited to track mental health in other forms such as photo, audio and text.

So why use Journey as a “Daylio” Alternative?
Journey's feature-rich mood tracker makes it an ideal alternative to Daylio.
Feature Summary
Sync across devices
Photos, video & audio notes
Text formatting
Geotag entry
Mood tracker
Mood association with activites
Web support
Windows & Mac app
Throwback entries
Dark theme
Fingerprint lock
Print to .pdf
Free for single export
Export to .docx
Backup to .zip
Publish to social media
No ads
Contains annoying ads
There's no time like the present - switch from Daylio to Journey today!
Journey is a much more complete and affordable mood tracker as compared to Daylio.

We made Journey Premium value for money and affordable. With a single purchase, you can unlock all exciting premium features at almost the same price as Daylio!