Journey Odyssey AI Terms Of Service

Updated: 21 December 2023

The information provided by Journey Odyssey AI, powered by GPT AI (Generative Pre-trained Transformer Artificial Intelligence) is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to keep the information up-to-date and accurate, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to the AI-generated content for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

The GPT AI is a machine learning model that generates text based on the input it receives and the patterns it has learned from diverse data sources. It does not have the ability to access real-time data or provide personalized advice. The responses generated by the AI should not be considered as professional, legal, medical, or financial advice.

We encourage users to independently verify any information obtained through the GPT AI and consult with appropriate professionals for specific advice tailored to their individual circumstances. We disclaim all liability for any loss or damage arising from reliance on the information generated by the GPT AI.

Furthermore, the GPT AI may inadvertently generate content that is inappropriate, biased, or offensive. We do not endorse or support any such content and apologize for any unintended consequences. Users are encouraged to report any problematic content to facilitate ongoing improvements to the system.

By using the GPT AI, you acknowledge and agree to these disclaimers. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the AI service at any time without notice.

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