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Diary and Journal Templates
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Writing in a diary daily is a habit that comes with a lot of great benefits such as focusing on goals and handling emotions. It can be a great experience that opens up to all types of thoughts and perspectives. However, journaling can be difficult to get started at times. If you do not know where to begin, these simple templates can help you get the ball rolling.

Using Diary Templates

Many people lacked the self-discipline to journal daily and have struggled with consistency in writing. The number one reason for the inconsistency is that they do not know what to write about. If you are not a big fan of using stream of conscious when writing, you might find a journal template useful.

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Types of Journal Templates

A diary template is useful when you are looking to keep an account of your activites. It gives you a format and set of guidelines that you can fill in to a journal entry. As every diary is different, here are some popular journal templates you can try:

1. Gratitude Journal

“I am grateful for…”

Writing down three new things you are grateful for, for 21 consecutive days, can help you to rewire your brain, allowing your mind to think positively and successfully according to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage.

  1. “What am I thankful for right now?”
  2. “What are 3 amazing things that happened today?”
  3. “How am I feeling right now?”

2. Five Minute Journal

“What would make today great?”

This template is taken from the Five-Minute Journal. Write the five most important tasks you need to accomplish for the day.

A Five Minute Journal template in the best journal software on desktop.

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3. Reflective Journal

The best time to do your Reflective Journal is in the evening. You can review your day and improve from your past experience.

  1. “What did I achieve today?”
  2. “What lessons did I learn?”
  3. “How could I have made today better?”

A woman journaling an entry in a diary software.

Free Diary Templates

If you want to begin keeping a diary, consider the type of diary it is and then use the appropriate template to help you get started. Get immediate access to free Journey journaling templates:

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