Budget Planner 2022

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Price: $24.99

Your Budget PDF planner for 2022


We should always aim to save for a rainy day, which is why it's important to keep a firm hand on our finances and savings. But financial planning doesn't have to be a tedious and intimidating affair, not with the Journey Budget Planner 2022, at least.

Stay forward-looking; set your financial goals, make saving plans and aim to clear your debts.

Stay on top of your finances; track your budget, spending activity and credit score so that you can see where improvements can be made.

Get a birds eye view of the ins and outs of your finances with the yearly financial tracker, and celebrate your budgeting skills at the end of the year!

Digital Budget Journal in PDF

Planner Specs

  • A4 size
  • Available in light and dark theme
  • Goal-setting worksheet
  • Monthly budget planner
  • Monthly activity tracker
  • Saving planner and tracker
  • Debt planner and tracker
  • Credit score tracker
  • Yearly financial tracker

How to Use

  1. Download and open the planner in a PDF annotation app. GoodNotes (iOS), ZoomNotes (iOS), Xodo (Android).
  2. Open the planner in the app and start writing with your stylus.
  3. Across the top of the planner you will see tabs for easy navigation to the different worksheets and sections of the planner.
  4. There are also links throughout the planner that will help you navigate easier through the days of the month.
  5. You can also duplicate pages in the app if you need more.


4.70 / 5 based on 5 reviews.

Frida — December 18, 2021
Great little budget notebook with well design guides. Size is small and pretty, love the monthly divisions and the transactions for keeping track of the bills.
Pat Koltz — December 19, 2021
Still okay
I didn't want to spend a ton on a budget book not knowing if I'd stick with it not quite knowing what I want in one. This one is ok!
Alex — December 19, 2021
Best Budget Planner
Overall I love the layout of this budget planner. It makes it very easy to to see where you’re spending.
Willy Hansen — December 21, 2021
Almost hits all the marks.
This is the best planner I've found. I have looked at so many, and bought a few only to be disappointed that they don't quite work for me. I need a somewhat minimal planner. This one does check all the marks!
Willy Hansen — December 23, 2021
Pleasantly surprised!
I started out my budgeting journey using a book that unfortunately went out of print. As I searched for another I came upon this planner and purchased it. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this budget book functioned. I don’t use all of the features because some don’t really apply to me but I like that I can list my expenses and track my spending.