Digital Planner 2022

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Price: $24.99

Your digital PDF planner for 2021/2022


Reclaim control over your time and get organized with our A4 Journey PDF Planner, so that you can focus on what's truly important in your life!

Your faithful everyday companion, the Journey PDF Planner is a detailed yet easy-to-use digital planner to help you detangle your lifestyle. Simply open the planner on a PDF annotation app, and get writing!

Organize your life with a yearly goal-setting worksheet, Eisenhower Matrix pages, habit tracker, dated monthly spreads, weekly and daily schedule pages, and more! Duplicate your pages so that you never have to fear running out of space. Take notes freely with 4 different note-taking designs: blank, grid, dotted grid and lined.

It's time to write your way to success and make 2022 uniquely yours!

Digital Planner in PDF

Digital Planner in PDF

Digital Planner in PDF

Digital Planner in PDF

Digital Planner in PDF

Digital Planner in PDF

Digital Planner in PDF

Planner Specs

  • A4 size
  • Approx. 838 Pages
  • Dark and Light themes available
  • Yearly Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Eisenhower Matrix Pages
  • Prioritized to-do list template
  • Habit tracker
  • Full-page monthly spread for every month
  • Full-page monthly and weekly schedule templates
  • Daily planner which includes an hourly schedule, daily affirmation, daily goals, meal and water tracker
  • Blank, grid, dotted grid and lined note-taking pages

How to Use

  1. Download and open the planner in a PDF annotation app. GoodNotes (iOS), ZoomNotes (iOS), Xodo (Android).
  2. Open the planner in the app.
  3. Across the top of the planner you will see tabs for easy navigation. These will take you to the different sections.
  4. There are also links throughout the planner that will help you navigate easier. E.g. Dates in the calendar.
  5. You can also duplicate pages in the app if you need more.


4.68 / 5 based on 14 reviews.

Roger S — December 23, 2021
Great Planner!
I got this gift for my girlfriend and she cried when I gave it to her! She's never been so impressed with me in my 4 years with her 😎
Nathan Yuen — December 23, 2021
2022 better be good
Just received my 2022 planner, and it gives me hope that next year won’t be as massive a dumpster fire as 2021.
Ruslan — December 19, 2021
I like this calendar due to it having monthly & weekly pages giving more space to write plans. I usually get the blue one, but decided to try this color & I like it even though I'm not a pink person. I would recommend this calendar!
Masud Poornima — December 19, 2021
Fantastic planner.
Super simple. I love that it has a month calendar and day calendar for each month. That is super handy!
Aleksandra Leo Schäfer — December 01, 2021
This is so amazing! It’s simple and cheap. Use every day for revision. Couldn’t recommend it more!!
Aida Jordan — November 30, 2021
Great teacher planner
I was looking for a teacher planner for the coming school year. I wanted something that had monthly & weekly calendars with plenty of space under each day for writing annotated lesson plans. I didn't want to spend a lot for something fancy with a lot of extras that I wouldn't use. I chose this planner and it's awesome! It has everything that I want & need. There are tabs for each month which will be really useful. It also has about extra lined pages in the back for notes, etc. Excellent! So happy I chose this one.
Boyd Harrison — November 24, 2021
A truly beautiful and useful planner.
For a while I have been looking for something beyond a diary, something I can use to set goals, priorities and make plans for both work and personal growth. This is perfect.
Tyson T — November 06, 2021
Great planner!
I don't normally write reviews but I have to for this. Recently got into writing daily about my life and this is brilliant for that. I bought the journey planner, and I have access to awesome templates that has made me motivated to write my goals everyday.
Sarsha Bella — October 26, 2021
Best planner
Digital planner for ipad. I love this planner.
Alyssa — October 25, 2021
Limited on Android
It's an alright product on Android. The apps to use this on Android is very limited and sub-par compared to the usable Apple apps.